Aaron Wallick

Birthday: June 7th, 1999

Hometown:  San Antonio, Texas

High School:  Claudia Taylor Johnson High School

Awards and Honors

     - 3 Year Member, Texas all state Band 2013

     - Boston Crusaders Outstanding Brass Award

    - BOA Tournament of Roses band member


     - Finish my bachelors in euphonium performance and then my masters

     - Join the US Navy or Air Force Band

Hobbies and Interests

    - Hiking

    - Jogging

    - Nutrition/ health nut

Favorite quote

      "Put going the extra mile to work as one's daily habit." - Bruce Lee

Favorite color: Blue 

Favorite non-euphonium-related artist/band/etc.: Panic at the disco

Favorite euphonium solo: Bride of the Waves - Herbert L. Clarke