Jesse Manning

Hometown:  Davidson, NC

Awards and Honors:

     -Member, Minnesota All-State Jazz Band, 2008

     -Member, Minnesota All-State Concert Band, 2007

     -Member, South Carolina All-State Symphonic Band, 2004

Goals: To be one of the best and most respected in the studio, make the One O'Clock on bass bone and the wind symphony on euphonium, and to get a job before school ends.

Hobbies and Interests: Running, girls, chillin' with friends, practicing, checking out live music

Favorite quote: "That's what she said."
"Music is its own reward." - Sting

Favorite color: orange

Favorite non-euphonium-related artist/band/etc.: jazz, rock, rap, country...and everything else

Favorite euphonium solo: Pantomime, by Philip Sparke