Richard Demy

DMA, Euphonium Performance

Hometown:  Bailey's Crossroads, VA

High School:  J.E.B. Stuart High School

Awards and Honors:

     -Eagle Scout

Previous Degrees and Universities:

     -Bachelor of Music, Louisiana State University, Spring 2006

     -Bachelor of Music Education, Louisiana State University, Fall 2006

     -Master of Music, George Mason University, Spring 2009

Goals: Be gainfully employed in a job I love, and be happy playing music.

Hobbies and Interests: Hanmudo, Hapkido, the Outdoors, Archery, Recording, Home-brewing, Fixing things, Girls.

Favorite quote: "You're not remembered for the things you try; you're remembered for the things you do." -Dr. Ken Fulton

Favorite color: 2801 Rookwood Dark Red with a 7734 Olive Grove trim.

Favorite non-euphonium-related artist/band/etc.: Men's Acapella