George Theodoroulis

Birthday: May 29, 1999
Hometown: Katy, TX
High School: Katy High School
∙ Previous Schools and degrees: High School Diploma
∙ Awards and Honors:
First Division Soloist at TSSEC
2 First Division Ensembles at TSSEC
1st chair Euphonium in Region 23 All-Region Band
3rd chair Trombone in the Area H All-Area Jazz Band
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award
Certificate of Merit in Leadership
∙ Goals: Move to the West Coast and revolutionize the film
scoring industry.
∙ Hobbies and Interests: Composing, Songwriting, Drum and
Bugle Corps(Crossmen), Soccer(Go Manchester United!!!)
∙ Favorite quote: “Maybe the grass is greener on the other side, but
what if we watered our own lawn.”
-Prince EA
∙ Favorite color: Sky Blue
Favorite non-euphonium-related artist/band/etc.: Henry Jackman
∙ Favorite euphonium solo : Green Hill, Bert Appermont