Notice Board

Technical (Scales) Assessment

All euphonium students are required to take a technical examination this semester. The assessment will take place during the week of September 28th during your scheduled lesson and will be examined by your instructor.

Material for the assessment will be decided by your instructor and will include two contrasting studies, sight-reading, scales, arpeggios, and in some case, dominant 7ths and diminished 7ths.

In addition, you're required to learn the following melody from memory: Abide with Me - you can download the sheet music below. Your instructor may also require you to play this in a variety of different keys.

*Assessment content is at the discretion of your instructor and may vary.


Euphonium Vacancy - United States Navy Fleet Bands
Virtual Euphonium Audition

Prescreen packages due: Oct. 2, 2020
Audition: Virtually By Appointment
Winners will be assigned a position at one of nine U.S. Navy Fleet Bands.

Solo Repertoire: 
Cosma, Euphonium , Mvt. I - Allegro Assai 

Sousa, Hail to the Spirit of Liberty
Alford, The Purple Carnival
Holst, First Suite in Eb for Military Band, MVT. I - Chaconne Makris, 
Makris, Aegean Festival Overture
Berlioz, The Roman Carnival Overture
Williams, The Cowboys
Granger, Colonial Song

Follow this link for the Audition Packet and more information.


Fall 2020 Departmental Performance Schedule

Departmentals provide an opportunity for you to perform to your peers, enhance critical listening skills and musically develop in a group environment. These instructor led classes will take place every Tuesday 12:00 – 13:00 in the virtual Euphonium Studio.

All students are required to video-record two solo performances to be broadcast to the class during the semester. Please check the schedule [PDF download below] to find out when you will be featured.

Please also note your Repertoire submission date - the deadline for your repertoire choice (including full title, composition year, composer / arranger name and dates) to be emailed to Professor Childs and Tommy Vo.

Please also note your Video submission date - the deadline for your video performance link to be emailed to Professor Childs. This link should navigate to an unlisted YouTube or Vimeo video published on your own channel for ease of download.

Video performances can be presented as solo only or with accompaniment, but generally, chosen repertoire should not exceed 7 minutes.