Heather McDown

BM, Euphonium Performance, 2008

Birthday: May 1, 1985

Hometown:  Oklahoma City, OK

High School:  Westmoore High School

Awards and Honors:

     -Dean's Camerata Scholarship, 2003 to present

     -President's List

Goals: To become a well-rounded musician.

Hobbies and Interests: video games, cooking, seeing my family

Favorite quote: "There can be no thought of finishing, for 'aiming at the stars', both literally and figuratively, is a problem to occupy generations, so that no matter how much progress one makes, there is always the thrill of just beginning." - Robert H. Goddard

Favorite color: blue

Favorite non-euphonium-related artist/band/etc.: Thom Yorke, Radiohead, Bjork

Favorite euphonium solo: Concerto For Euphonium No. 2, by John Golland