James Cunico

BM, Music Education

Hometown:  Rochester, NY

Awards and Honors:

     -Youth Brass Band of Central Florida Outstanding Musician Award, 2008

     -Participant, All-State Solo Festival Florida, 2004-2008

     -Villages Opera Club Scholarship Award, 2007

     -Member, All-State Band Florida, 2004-2007

     -Triple "C" Award from New York's Attorney General, 2000

     -Sam Bruce Outstanding Instrumentalist Award, 2000

Goals: My goal in life is to become a music educator of the euphonium and to inspire students to excel in the wonderful art of music. Some further goals include: achieving a position in a military band, giving lectures/clinics, as well as privately teaching students

Hobbies and Interests: running, painting murals, drawing (in all types of media), reading, writing poetry, listening to all sorts of music, practicing my euphonium

Favorite quote: "The true means of being misled, is to believe oneself finer than others." - Duc De La Rochefoucauld

Favorite color: orange